EXPERTS In CHECKING your quotes from Home Designers and Architects

We engage building industry experts who will check the accuracy of quotes you receive from building designers, drafts-persons and architects so you can avoid the costly traps and pitfalls. We can connect you to quality designers & architects where prices can be 50% under your quotes.

EXPERTS In CHECKING your Builders Quotes Before You SIGN

If you already have quotes from builders on your plans our free quote checking service will have you supplied with a detailed report highlighting issues in those quotes. We can connect you to quality builders whose prices are up to 30% under your builders quotes.

FIND Quality Designers, Architects & Builders

We help you find the best designer or architect for your building project. Prices up to 50% under your own designers quotes. When you have plans drawn we can connect you to a network of quality customer focused approved builders that are up to 30% plus under builders quotes you obtain using our volume negotiation power.


Build PROTECT is a free consumer protection service protecting consumers before engaging a quote from building designers, drafts-persons or architects, PLUS protects you during the building quote or tender phase.


If a builder arranges to draw your plans they will own the (C) Copyright which means they are the only builder who can quote the job. No competition means higher building prices. Don’t fall for this costly trap and pitfall by using a builder.


If you choose a builders standard plan the same situation exits. With only one builder who can quote due to the builder owning the (C) Copyright means a higher build price. Competition between builders creates lower building prices 100% GUARANTEED.


If a builder recommends you to a designer or architect they know, to draw your plans MAKE SURE you ask before giving all your design ideas away and money that the building designer who will own the (C) Copyright will allow you to approach any number of builders to quote your plans. otherwise you will find that the builder has locked you in where no other builder can quote on those plans. Huge. massive trap so many consumers get caught in so don’t be caught.

Build Protect